Firestone FT140. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: All weather traction; Enhanced controllability; Longer lasting tread life; Vibration free drive; . OVERVIEW: The Firestone FT140 is a touring all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles.The model guarantees excellent all weather traction. The special all season compound and the ribbed tread pattern firmly grip the road surface in dry, wet and winter weather. The traction is further improved with the tire’s hydroplaning resistance. The wide circumferential and lateral grooves and siping details increase the water and slush dispersing ability significantly, which prevents the tire from hydroplaning when driving in wet and winter weather. The better road grip and the avoidance of hydroplaning ensure a safer year round driving experience.The ribbed tread design also increases the tire’s controllability. The tread maintains road contact at all times, enhancing the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The tire’s structure becomes stabilized against the driving pressure affecting the model. Its steering becomes quick and precise in its responsiveness to the driver’s commands. The maintained road contact increases the braking ability. It shortens the braking distance by creating friction at the moment of braking, allowing the tire to perform to its best capability in all weather.The tire guarantees a longer lasting tread life. The tread wear rate is significantly slowed down with the tread compound. The special tread pattern with the detailed siping design manages to evenly spread the driving pressure out. The evenly distributed forces of acceleration, cornering and braking prevent irregular tread wear formations across the tread area. The increased even tread wear makes the tire usable for an extended period of time and makes it more cost efficient.The FT140 provides a comfortable and quiet driving experience. The ribbed tread pattern maintains constant road contact, allowing the tire to closely follow the road surface. This lowers the shock of driving, which in turn, decreases the road vibration levels felt in the vehicle’s cabin. The result is an enjoyable, vibration-free drive. Manufacturers recommend changing tires every 10 years. As long as tires are properly stored before they are sold, the year of their manufacture will not shorten their service life.

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