Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: All weather tire; Wear indicators; Longer lasting tread; Excellent controllability; Comfortable drive; . OVERVIEW: The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is a touring all season tire made for SUV and passenger vehicles. This model also has some high performance sizes. Cooper offers a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty with its W speed rated sizes and a 70,000 mile treadwear warranty with the H and V rated sizes of this model.This tire offers excellent all weather traction due to the fully enhanced silica compound that grips the road in dry, wet and winter conditions. The circumferential grooves in the tread pattern help increase the safety of the tire as they disperse water from below the footprint and resist hydroplaning. The tire is safer to use year-round thanks to its excellent road gripping ability.The tread pattern was designed with a tread wear square indicator in it. The square changes with the wear of the tire and it indicates how much tread the tires still have. This allows the driver to be confident in their vehicle’s performance as they know exactly how much tread the tire still has. The indicator also shows if the alignment on the vehicle is not correct. If the square on one shoulder wears out differently than the other one, then the vehicle’s alignment is not correct.This model is the first time Cooper used its New Generation Coupled Silica Compound in the manufacture of one of their tires. The tire’s wet traction and handling were greatly affected and improved by the silica compound. The tire also has a longer lasting tread life. The silica rich compound comes into play once more with the tread design. The silica slows down the tread wear rate and ensures even wear across the tread area. As irregular wear is prevented, the tire is usable for a longer period of time, making it more cost-efficient.The tire also offers enhanced road grip in all weather conditions, which improves its handling and maneuverability. The 3D Micro-Gauges in the tread stabilize the tread area. As the tread blocks are interconnected the tire has a much larger footprint and a maximized road to tire contact. The better road contact improves the handling and the stability of the drive. The tread blocks are stabilized, which provides additional stiffness to the tread. As the tread doesn’t shift, the tire offers a better performance and its cornering ability and power are increased as well.The steering responsiveness of the model was also increased. The Stabilegde Technology places bumpers in the tread pattern which keep the grooves open to stabilize the tread elements. This offers a better road feel, boosts all weather traction and improves the tire’s stability and handling. The tire is quick and precise in its response, which provides excellent control. As the tire responds well to the commands of the driver, they are able to confidently steer in changing road conditions.The CS5 Ultra Touring was manufactured with the R-Tech sidewalls, which are computer designed with extended bead fillers and performance compounding. This internal structure helps absorb the road vibrations, offering a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Manufacturers recommend changing tires every 10 years. As long as tires are properly stored before they are sold, the year of their manufacture will not shorten their service life.

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